About Rice

Easy and useful programming language for .NET applications.

Rice is a easy and useful programming language for .NET applications.

Rice is not a general-purpose language because does not assume the development of the application itself using the Rice. Rice has been developed as a scripting language which runs on the .NET applications.

For example, to automate data entry and routine tasks in the application. The purpose of the Rice is to program easily and quickly such tasks.

Easy programming.

Rice has been designed in favor of the simplicity than multifunctional. You are already skilled Rice programmer if there is a programming experience in the existing language. Please do not worry even if there is no programming experience. You wil immediately become skilled Rice programmer.

Easily embeddable.

Rice is provided as the class library (Rice.dll) that has been implemented with the C#. Please add a reference to the Rice.dll to your project. All you need is just only it.

Freely extensible.

Rice supports the dynamic embed of the class (.dll file) that is implemented with the C#. The function of the Rice can extended freely and infinitely by embedding the class that has been properly implemented .


Please imagine a situation where your application will have its own language that is developed by you.

Language implementation is a hard work. And maintaining documents on languages is hard work as same as it.

You do not have to maintain the document yourself if using Rice. All the information necessary to use Rice is on this site.

Open Source.

Rice is a Open Source software. If you need source codes, please download it from the download page.

License and disclaimer.

Rice is licensed under the MPL(Mozilla Public License)2.0. Under the MPL 2.0, Rice users can freely use, modify, distribute the Rice.

Copyright holder of the Rice shall not be responsible any loss, damages and troubles caused by using the Rice and the information of this web site.

Copyright © Rice All rights reserved.