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Sample program

Purpose of this chapter.

This chapter describes an overview of the sample program that is used in the tutorial.

Download the sample purogram.

The sample is distributed as a self-extracting-archive of the 7z format. Necessary files are expanded by executing the downloaded tutorial_sample.exe file.

Sample program

First, it indicates the result of running the sample program.

Figure 1 : Result of running the sample program.

This program draws a circle by specifying coordinates of the center and moves it. This is a very simple program befitting the tutorial.

The left side of the window is an user interface. The black portion of the right side is a display area.

Description of how to use is omitted because it is a very simple program.

Files that make up the sample program

When you unzip the sample.zip, it will generate the following six files.

1: Sample.cook

2: Circle.88

3: html.txt

4: css.txt

5: js.txt

Sample.cook is a Rice source file which serves as the entry point of this sample program. It contains a definition of the main class. An entry point file must have a .cook extension in order to call from Cooker.

Circle.88 is a definition file of the Circle class. This file is not directly called from Cooker. Such files are allowed any extension. Here, it use a .88 extension.

html.txt, css.txt, and js.txt are files for creating a user interface.

In the next chapter and later, we will explain the Rice language according to the contents of the Sample.cook and Circle.88.

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