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Preparation before use.

Preparation for incorporating the Rice into the project.

I will explain the procedure to incorporate the Rice language into the project.


First, you should obtain the Rice. The self-extracting-archive of the Rice can be obtained from the download page.

Rice has x86 (32 bit) version and x64 (64 bit) version. Please download the appropriate self-extracting-archive file for your project from the download page.

It puts the downloaded self-extracting-archive file in an appropriate folder and runs it.

Since I am using the Visual Studio Community 2015, I create "Ricex86" folder or "Ricex64" folder under the "Visual Studio 2015" folder and unzip it there.

If you run the self-extracting-archive file, several files will be extracted. The Rice.dll is the body of Rice.

Add reference to project

Next, please add a reference to Rice.dll to your project.

Since I am using the Visual Studio Community 2015, I add a reference from the Visual Studio IDE's Solution Explorer.

Details of addition will not be explained here. There are many sites that explain it, so I recommend you to see them.

Once the reference is added, you can use Rice in your project.

Rice's namespace name is "Rice".

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