Links to documents of classes.

Rice basic classes.

The followings are links to the document of the class which is standard built in the Rice.

These classes are available for all applications using the Rice.

boolRepresents a Boolean (true or false) value.
dictionaryRepresents a collection of keys and values.
errorRepresents a error information.
intRepresents a 32 bit signed integer.
listRepresents a list that can be accessed by index.
longRepresents a 64 bit signed integer.
pairProvides functionality for holding related instances.
proxyProvides a function to conceal the type of an instance.
queueRepresents a first-in-first-out collection.
realRepresents a 64 bit floating point number.
riceRepresents the language system itself.
stackRepresents a last-in-first-out collection.
stringRepresents a string.
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