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CookerGX - For web scripting and data extraction.

Web page manipulation.

CookerGX is an application for web scripting and data extraction. CookerGX makes it easy for you to manipulate web pages and to output contents to the outside.

Web scripting using JavaScript and Rice.

CookerGX uses two languages for manipulating web pages. JavaScript is used for operating internal contents of web pages, and Rice is used for interacting with external environment.

Internal ⇔ JavaScript

Access to internal content is a JavaScript's job.

You can free access to internal content of web page, because CookerGX (Rice) supports dynamic loading and execution of JavaScript.

External ⇔ Rice

Access to external resource is a Rice's job.

You can freely expand the functions required for web manipulation, because Rice supports dynamic loading of class definitions.

JavaScript ⇔ Rice

Cooperation between JavaScript and Rice is the core technology of CookerGX. Rice injects JavaScript code into the web page and executes it, and JavaScript invokes Rice code through an event.


Rice supports injection of JavaScript.

You can directly load JavaScript code into the web page, and it is also possible to load from the Internet by specifying Url.


Rice supports execution of JavaScript.

You can directly invoke JavaScript code and function from Rice, and it is also possible to invoke a JavaScript function with the function name indirectly.

It is also possible to obtain a return value from JavaScript.

Invoke Rice from JavaScript

You can Invoke Rice code using JavaScript events.

Compatibility with Firefox

CookerGX uses Gecko ( GeckoFX ) as an HTML rendering engine. So, it works as Firefox compatible browser about display of web page and execution of JavaScript.

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