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Change message language.

The default messages for CookerGX are English. It will explain how to change these messages.

The distribution archive of CookerGX includes two text files for changing the messages.



The message_en.txt is a text file that exported the default messages.

The message_jp.txt is a text file that translated the default messages into Japanese.

It explains how to change messages by using message_jp.txt.

Please change the name of message_jp.txt to message.txt and put it in the same directory as the CookerGX.exe.

Please start the CookerGX.exe, and the messages will be in Japanese.

In other words, changing the message language means to prepare a message text file for the desired language and rename it to the "message.txt" and place it in the same directory as the CookerGX.exe.

Format of message text file

First, the message text file must be a UTF-8 encoded text file.

A line beginning with # in the file is comment line. It has nothing to do with changing messages.

A line which does not begin with # indicates a pair of message name and body. Message name and body will be separated by ::: (triple colon).

In the string delimited by :::, the first is the message name, and the second is the message body to be changed.

There is no restriction on the characters and length used for the message name and body. However, since ::: is a separator, it can not be used.

There is no problem even if there are two or more strings delimited by :::. Third and later are ignored. In the message_jp.txt, the second is a japanese message, the third is an original message.

Please see message_jp.txt for details.

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