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At the beginning

This tutorial will explain the basic usage of CookerGX using simple examples.

CookerGX is an application for executing script written in Rice language, therefore this tutorial will become an explanation how to execute script written in Rice language on CookerGX.

If we follow the tradition of language commentary, this tutolial should be began with the "hellow, world", but I would like to begin this tutorial with writing scripts which enters the search word on the search page of Google.

After reading this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of the CookerGX and Rice languages.

What is CookerGX?

CookerGX is software classified into the category such as "Web Automation" and "Web Scraping".

"Web Automation" means to operate a web page with software, and "Web Scraping" means to retrieve information from a web page.

And CookerGX is not a "web browser". This is important.

CookerGX looks like a tabless web browser, and it loads and displays web pages like web browsers.

Once again, CookerGX is software for "Web Automation" and "Web Scraping" that is not "Web Browser". Then, why can I say it is such software?

It is clear from the main features of the CookerGX.

There are two main functions of CookerGX. The first is to execute arbitrary JavaScript code on the web page. The second is to take the JavaScript execution result out.

For the first function, CookerGX adopts Gecko (GeckoFX) as an HTML rendering engine. By using Gecko's JavaScript engine, we can execute JavaScript from outside the web page.

For the second function, CookerGX adopts the Rice language. The Rice language is a module oriented scripting language designed for .NET Framework applications. By using Rice, we can output JavaScript execution results to the outside.

CookerGX is software for connecting inside of a web page and external computing environments by linking JavaScript and Rice.

Sample code

The JavaScript and Rice code used in this tutorial are organized in an archive file. The download link is on the index page of this tutorial.

These codes will be shown in the tutorial when needed, but it would be helpful for understanding if you see the code in an editor etc. Please use as appropriate.

The downloaded archive file is a 7z self-extracting format. That is, this archive file is an executable file with an .exe extension.

Please execute the downloaded file in a suitable directory. Necessary files are extracted in that directory.

The Rice code used in this tutorial assumes Rice ver or higher. If it is CookerGX ver or more, it will operate without any problem.

Operating environment

CookerGX is a 32-bit (x86) application that runs on the .NET Framework on Windows OS. To run it, you need .NET Framework Ver 4.6 or higher.

Please download CookerGX from the download page.

If the CookerGX doesn't start.

If the CookerGX you installed does not start, please see here .

Text editor

CookerGX is an application that reads and executes source code written in Rice language. And the Rice language source code must be encoded in UTF-8. Therefore, you need a text editor that can handle UTF-8 encoding.

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