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Source file

Source file of the Cooker

Cooker is an application for manipulating web pages. Page manipuration is performed by the script written in Rice.

Please refer to the following link for requirements that the Rice source file should have.

In the following sections, it explains the special requirements that the Cooker source files should have.

.cook extension

The source file called directly from the cooker must have a .cook extension. The Rice source files with an extension other than .cook extension cannot be called from the Cooker.

However, a Rice source file with an extension other than .cook extension can import into a Rice source file with a .cook extension.

main class

The main class needs to be defined only once in the reading of the Rice source file starting from the .cook file.

The main class does not need to be defined in the .cook file. However, we recommend that you define it in a .cook file.

start() method

The start () method which is the entry point of execution is required in the main class.

The entry point will be described later.

end() method

You can define the end () method which is the exit point of execution in the main class. Defining the end () method is optional.

The exit point will be described later.

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