Shortcut keys

List of shortcut keys


Alt + F4

Alt + W

Closes the window.

If the F4() method is defined in system.cook, Alt + F4 will not terminate the application. The call to the F4() method takes precedence.

Alt + A

Opens and closes the address bar.

Alt + S

Opens and closes the script tile.

Alt + N

Approval and disapproval of page navigation in the bowser.

Alt + D

Determining the page navigation destination.


Alt + Home

Moves to the home page.

Alt + Left arrow

Moves to the previous page of browsing history.

Alt + Right arrow

Moves to the next page of browsing history.


Alt + R

Opens the file selection dialog and selects a script file.

Alt + E

Reruns the previous execution script.


Alt + F1 ~ F12

Calls the F1 () ~ F12 () methods of system.cook. Nothing happens if the corresponding method is not defined.

If the F4 () method is not defined in system.cook, Alt + F4 will terminate the application.



Ctrl + F


Alt + B

Opens the current page in the default browser.


Ctrl + R

Reloads the current page.

Ctrl + U

Displays the Html of the current page.

Ctrl + P



Ctrl + Shift + I

Shows the developer tools.

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