Initialization database


The Cooker carry over the state of termination to next startup.

Coordinates at the top edge of the window.

Coordinates at the left edge of the window.

Width of the window.

Height of the window.

Whether the window is maximized.

Directory where there is the last executed script file.

Whether to clear the browser cache.

Browser startup options.

In addition, the following states for each browser will be carried over at the next startup.

Whether the address bar is displayed.

Whether the script tile is displayed.

Whether the navigation is allowed.

Navigation direction.

Width of the browser.

The above state is saved in the cooker.sqlite3 file in the database subdirectory when finished. At next startup, the state of the Cooker will be restored based on this file.

The cooker.sqlite3 is a SQLite datasbase file.

The states above are stored in the application_setting table in the cooker.sqlite3.

If the database subdirectory does not exist at startup, subdirectory, database file, and table will be created, and Cooker will start with the default settings.

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