Execution of program

How to execute

You can execute Rice script and JavaScript in the Cooker.

There are four way that run a script.

The first way is to drop a .cook file to Cooker's icon.

The second way is to drop a .cook or .js file to the script tile.

The third way is to select a .cook or .js file from the file selection dialog.

The fourth way is a shortcut key.


It drop the .cook file to Cooker's icon.

It is the same as calling the Cooker with the path of the .cook file as an argument from the command prompt.


Drop the .cook or .js file on the script tile.

Script tile is colored area on the right side of the browser. Drag and drop the .cook or .js file from Explorer here to run the script.

Script tile


Select the .cook or .js file from the file selection dialog.

The file selection dialog will open by pressing the Alt + R or clicking the script tile.

file selection dialog


You can also execute a script with Atrl + E.

Alt + E executes the last execution script again.

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