Overview of the Cooker

At the beginning

Cooker is a software classified into the category such as Web automation and Web scraping. Its purpose is to operate the web page directly from the outside.

Cooker uses the JavaScript of the browser to operate the web page. If you use the Cooker, it allows you to execute any JavaScript code on a web page from the outside.

Furthermore, the execution result of JavaScript will be returned to the local environment. Normally, the browser is isolated from the local environment, but Cooker will bridge them.

Please imagine entering a search word and starting a search.

Cooker allows you to automate your search. You can also use the search results to patrol the sites. You can also retrieve the information on the patrol destination page.

Please imagine. There are endless possibilities for this!

Table of contents:

What is Cooker?

Operating environment

Browser compatibility


Open Source

Character encoding

What is Cooker?

Cooker is an application that runs on the .NET Framework of the Windows OS. The purpose is to connect the browser and the local environment.

Cooker is an application with a two-pane window. Each pane has a Microsoft Edge compatible browser, and controls the execution of JavaScript on that browser.

JavaScript is a well-known and proven language. There are a lot of JavaScript software assets on the internet. Some of them should help your project.

Cooker has various features for incorporating these assets into a project.

The Internet is full of information. But, it's not worth if the information is isolated in the browser. The Rice language is incorporated to the Cooker in due to create the value of information.

The Rice language is a module oriented scripting language designed for .NET Framework applications. It has implemented in the C#. In the Cooker, it is used to control the execution of JavaScript and manipulate the execution results in the local environment.

Rice uses .NET Framework software assets in the form of class. It also supports dynamic class loading, so you can use .NET Framework software assets in your projects as same as JavaScript.

Operating environment

Cooker ver is an application that runs on the .NET Framework on Windows OS. To run it, you need .NET Framework Ver 4.7.2 or higher.

Cooker ver has x86 32-bit edition and x64 64-bit edition. Please use the appropriate edition according to your OS.

Please download Cooker from the download page.

Browser compatibility

Cooker ver uses Microsoft.WebView2 Evergreen runtime as the HTML rendering engine. It works as a browser compatible with Microsoft Edge.

It has all the necessary files in the execution directory. Please note that it does not depend on the Microsoft Edge installed in your environment.


All the necessary files for execution is included in the Cooker's execution directory. In addition, it does not use the registry. That is, Cooker is a completely portable application.

If you need Cooker with different settings, please make a duplicate of the execution directory. Each acts as a separate Cooker.

Open Source

Cooker is an open source project. It publishes as a solution for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

If you need source codes, please download it from the download page.

Character encoding

The Rice language source code must be encoded with the UTF-8.

If different encodings are mixed, unexpected garbled characters may occur. It is recommended that the characters handled by Rice, such as text files and JavaScript code, be unified in UTF-8 encoding.

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