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Install and Uninstall


Installing Cooker is very simple. It just put the downloaded self-extracting archive in a suitable directory and execute it.

Several files will be extracted by executing it. Installation complete with this.

Distribution archive file

The Cooker is distributed as a 7z format self-extracting archive. And, it has the following features in the file name.

Filename of the distribution archive

For example, distribution archive file of the Cooker Version will have the name "Cooker_2_0_0_0.exe".

List of the files that will be extracted.

The following figure is a list of files that will be extracted by executing the distribution archive file.

List of files

The above figure is a list when Cooker_2_0_0_0.exe is decompressed.

1 : Cooker.exe

It is an executable file which is the body of Cooker.

2 : message text file.

This is a text file that are messages for the user interface.

For example, Japanese messages have been gathered in message-jp.txt. If you change the name of this file to message.txt, the message displayed by Cooker will be in Japanese.

3 : class files

There are class files in the dlls directory that is dynamically embedded when the Cooker starts up. You can freely expand and change the functions of the Cooker by exchanging these files.


Cooker does not access the registry at the installation. However, it accesses the registry at the start and end of application execution.

At the application start, it makes the necessary entries in the registry and write the values.

At the application end, these entries are removed from the registry.


No special processing is required for uninstalling the Cooker. Uninstallation is over if you delete the files.

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