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About 15puzz.

15puzz.cook is an application prepared for the tutorial.

You can play 15-puzzle which is one of the sliding block puzzles.



The above 15puzz is distributed as a self-extracting archive of 7z format.

Install and uninstall


The above 15puzz is distributed as a self-extracting archive of 7z format. Please execute the downloaded .exe file and necessary files are extracted.

Please execute the distribution archive file - 15puzz_0_0_0_0.exe - in the appropriate directory. The 15puzz_0_0_0_0 directory is created and the necessary files are extracted there.


No special uninstallation is required for 15puzz. If the file created by the installation is deleted, the uninstallation is complete.

How to start 15puzz.

After starting Cooker, please select the 15puzz.cook file from the file selection dialog.

The file selection dialog is opened by pressing the Ctrl and R keys at the same time or by right clicking anywhere in the browser.

How to play 15puzz

Enter a number between 1 and 999 in the Seed input field. Click the Shuffle button after entering.

Number pieces are shuffled according to the Seed value.

Clicking on a number piece that is touching the blank piece will change both positions.

It is the end when it becomes as follows.


1 : 15puzz.cook uses json class. Therefore, Rtype.Json.dll must be loaded when Cooker starts up.

2 : 15puzz.js and 15puzz.cook included in the distribution archive file must exist in the same directory at the time of execution.

Documents - 15puzz : How to implement of Rice scripts.

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