wfpool class : Start(string,string) method


Executes the specified application.


wfpoolInstance.Start(string path, string arg)


stringpathA path for the executable file.
stringargArguments passing to the executable file.

Return value

winframeA window newly opened.

Sample code


wfpool wfp;


winframe winframeIns = wfp.Start("C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe", "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\somewhere\example.txt");


The path argument need not be the path to the executable file if the argument can evaluate as the executable string.

Examples for the path argument.

If you use a URL like "" as an argument, that URL will open in your default browser.

There is a case that the system complements the arguments. For example, specifying "calc" will open the calculator application, but at this time "calc" will be changed by the system to the path to the executable file.

The string passed to the arg argument depends on the application. Please refer to the application manual.

Although this method attempts to return a newly opened window, it is not always possible to get a window.

If execution of the application does not open a new window, or if it takes time to open a new window, this method exits without waiting to get a new window.

In this case, the uninitialized window is returned.

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