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writer class : writer(string,bool,int) fitter


To specify the writing mode and the encoding, and initializes a new instance of the writer type of the specified file name.


new writer(string fullPath, bool append, int codePage)


stringfullPathThe complete file path.
boolappendThe value that indicates the writing mode.
intlcodePageThe codepage value of the encoding.

Return value

writerA writer type instance that was initialized by specified value.

Sample code

writer writerInstance = new writer("c:\Users\....\target.txt", true, 932);


It's a wrapper of the System.IO.StreamWriter.StreamWriter(String,Boolean,Encoding).

If sets the true to the second argument, the instance of writer type is initialized as append mode. Otherwise, it is initialized as overwrite mode.

Creates an instance of the writer type with the encoding specified by the third argument. Encoding will be specified by the codepage value.

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