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window class : SizeChanged(any,string) method


Sets the event handler for the SizeChanged event of the window.


windowInstance.SizeChanged(anyClass handleInstance, string signature)


Any user defined class.handleInstanceAn instance with a handler to invoke as a member.
stringsignatureSignature of the handler to call.

Return value

ehswitchA switch that controls the execution of the handler.

Sample code

//The anyWindow is any instance of window class.

//The anyInstance is an instance of any user defined class. It have a handler as a member.

string signature = "sizeChangedHandler(eventargs)"; // signature of handler.

ehswitch handlerSwitch = anyWindow.SizeChanged(anyInstance, signature);


The handler for this event must be an open method with one argument of the eventargs class.

In other words, if the method name of the handler is "handlerName", the definition of the handler is as follows.

open method void handlerName(eventargs ea)



In this case, the signature of the handler specify by the second argument is "handlerName(eventargs)".

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