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element class : ApplyElement(element,string) method


Makes an element either a child or parent of the invoker element.


elementInstance.ApplyElement(element targetElement, string where)


elementtargetElementAn element that to become a parent or child.
stringwhereA string that specifies whether is either child or parent.

Return value

elelmentThe element that became either child or parent.

Sample code


element returnElement = anyElement.ApplyElement(targetElement, "outside");

//anyElement and targetElement are any instance of element type.

element returnElement = anyElement.ApplyElement(targetElement, "outside");


It's a wrapper of the MSHTML.IHTMLElement2.applyElement(IHTMLElement, String).

If second argument is "outside", the element of the argument becomes a parent of the invoker.

If second argument is "inside", the element of the argument becomes a only child of the invoker. The children of the invoker become to the children of the argument.

If the argument has children, it will be left in its original location.

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